Mindset hurdles in blogging and the road to success

Today we will look at mindset hurdles in blogging and the actual steps needed for you to plan your road to success so that you can reach your goals personally and professionally.

Let’s overcome these mindset hurdles in blogging together in this article. Have you heard the song titled Everyday is a winding road? Check it out on this link. You can read the lyrics and listen to it if you haven’t heard it before https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3F_TYXjx-Sk

Before success is achieved, a lot of things need to be put into place to reach the end result. Success is not an easy road, though, and if you’re ready to work hard for it, you will get it purely by being consistent, putting in the hard work and even learning where necessary. The world owes you nothing!

Total commitment is needed, and there is no room for the “let’s give it a shot” attitude. The commitment needs to be the strongest when the road gets bumpy. That is when people start making excuses and want to pull out the jail card. One of the common things people do when pulling out the jail card is to blame something else apart from themselves, and the common answer is “it didn’t work out” or “I told you so.” If you’ve been complaining at every step, you’re setting yourself up for failure and adding more reasons to why you should quit.

You need to have a positive attitude, believe that you will be successful, and you will have to be ready to face everything that comes with what you’re setting yourself up for. The whole package comes together. Success isn’t guaranteed because you will need to keep learning.

The mindset hurdles in blogging and the road to success comes with an attitude which I will be instilling into you rather than you sitting there and wishing for it, but the pre-requisite I have is that you must be committed to changing your life. If you’re not ready, please click away. If you’re ready to start your blogging journey, pass the mindset hurdles and follow the road to success do continue reading.

Okay now, that you’re still here understand that everyone’s journey is different and there is no way for you to know whether you’re close or far away from your final destination.

Mindset hurdles in blogging and the road to success

Your reasons why and your purpose

There is a reason why you want to start blogging, maybe that reason has been with you for many years, and you’re only taking action now or maybe you found that reason a week ago. Whatever that reason is you must be clear about your reason why.

This is something you’re going to have to think very long and hard about and before you head in that direction be absolutely clear about your mission. If you don’t have this clear, there is a danger of you taking all the steps forward but find yourself having to go back because you haven’t thought it through or maybe find out halfway that your mission is something else. This is time that you will never get back. When you know what you want in life, the person you want to become there is a direction you must follow.

Here are four questions to help you find your mission.

  1. What are the five events that woke you up in your life thus far?
  2. What are you good at?
  3. What do you enjoy doing?
  4. How can you use all the information gathered in points one, two and three to help society?
Mindset hurdles in blogging and the road to success

Start taking action

The only way you are going to overcome your mindset hurdles in blogging and get onto the road to success is by taking action.

Start formulating a plan to reach your goals. Think about the ideas you like and wanted to do for a long time and if you just about found your purpose then go with what is making you feel great about your ideas, what you want to blog about and how you want to go about blogging it. Start forming good habits that will help you achieve your goals. Set up the tasks you need to do consistently. In the beginning, be committed to the plan for thirty to sixty days. Doing that will set you up to think of these task as second nature.

The mindset blogging hurdles stopping you from getting onto the road to success smoothly will start off like this.

  • At first, you will be very motivated, and that motivation might last ten days or more.
  •  Then it becomes harder, and you will look for excuses not to do it.

So, you must be committed and keep yourself very busy. By doing what you like, you can balance your motivation, which makes up for the tasks that need a bit more effort.

When you get to the twenty-day period, things will get a bit easy because the habit will start to form. The sweet spot is when you get to the thirty-day period where things become effortless, and you don’t have to think about doing things consciously.

This habit will help you when you are not seeing results immediately through your blogging, but at the same time by forming this habit, you are more resistant to giving up. Give yourself three months to get traction, momentum and confidence.

Be positive

Negativity affects the mindset in blogging and the road to success. You must erase negative thinking and any other negativity in your life and take on positive attitudes and habits.

If you think negatively you will not see the opportunities when they present themselves, but if you’re a positive thinker, then your mind is a lot clearer, and you can recognise the opportunity right in front of your eyes.

Things you can do to get into a positive mindset can be:

  • Stop reading the newspaper or watching the television.
  • There are good deeds everyday look at the good things. The newspaper doesn’t report the good deeds only negativity.
  • Don’t listen to sad music or depressing stuff. With that, it brings bad memories or sadness or even makes you cry.
  • Do not listen to negative advice; negativity breeds negativity. There are a lot of miserable people in life who will try to take you down along with others the moment they can.

Weed out your circle of friends, keep the good ones, discard the gloom and doom.

This is one of the hardest things to do but to reach the final destination you want to have real cheerleaders and not the haters. You don’t want people dragging you down at one each level on the road to success. Once you have weeded out, the gloom and doom merchants replace them with positive people and even people that you can learn from.

In some ways, you will need to become ruthless for the sake of your own destiny and future. The most successful people in history have done this.

Mixing with like-minded individuals like you helps you stay on your road because everyone is going on the same road to success only they will end up at another destination aligned to their mission or purpose. You can brainstorm with them and even collaborate with them to help each other reach their goals.

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Mark Ford