Blogging Hurdles

Avoiding The Pitfalls Of Blogging



Common Blogging Obstacles and Their Remedies

Blogging is NOT a Get Rich Quick Fix

Blogging as a method for marketing has many beneficial aspects. But if you think you’re going to see big results in a couple of weeks, then prepare yourself for a wake up call. Expecting to get big results straight out the gate is one of the biggest blogging challenges to get over at the start of your blogging journey. Effective blogging can take time. But once set up, you can leave your blog running in the background to bring in a stead flow of free traffic. That’s the magic of blogs.


A blogger who’s not willing to put effort into learning new skill, is never going to make the grade. Sure.. there are new things that you’ll need to expand your knowledge with. But putting in a bit of hard work at the beginning will mean that you’re putting yourself ahead of most of the competition. Technophobia can be a huge blogging hurdle for some. Get over it! Get on with it. You’ll be grateful in the long run.

No System, No Success

Blogging is not just about writing a post and popping it on your website. You need to have a system in place to make sure you are ticking all the boxes consistently and getting your value content out into the marketplace by using keyword strategies, syndication and SEO on your blog. A blogger who is likely to fail is one who sees these as blogging obstacles. A blogger whose likely to succeed is one who sees these as stepping stones to their success. They are all simply things to master and have in place and once you do, your readership will grow exponentially.

Self Sabotage

No blogger hits the jackpot on their first go. Effective blogging is a bit of an art form and for that there deserves to be a bit of a learning curve. Many bloggers put themselves off or even give up before they’ve given blogging a good go because they think their blog posts are not up to scratch. Don’t let that be your story. Be bold, learn the skills of how to write engaging content and preserver.

Solve Their Problems And The Money Will Follow…



Business is about Solving Problems

Have you ever read a blog about the guy who went fishing, caught a fish and went home to eat it? Bloggers who just tell about their life and offer no useful insights to their readers run the risk of a very shallow and unengaged readership. These can be real blogging hurdles for many a novice blogger.

Bring the idea of ‘What’s in it for your reader?’ to every blog post you create. There should be some tangible value for someone else to want to continue reading and maybe even sign up to get to receive more of what you have on offer.

Make sure that you are trying to bring some problem solving value to the people in your niche. They’ll thank you for it!

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The blog that never blasts off…

Say it once, say it a million times. High quality value content is what people want. Anything less than that is not only selling your readership short, it also probably ensures that your blog will never get off the ground. 

Don’t expect to build a brand in a weekend, or develop a superior and quality blog that people want to flock to within a few weeks. A well delivered blog that serves a niche effectively takes some skill and some inevitable fails. These are the blogging challeneges!

Once again.. the secret is in hard graft at the beginning, mastery of the craft and patience. If you follow the right guidance and the steps laid out. Your blog can become ‘one in a million’.

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Keep it Simple, Keep it Focused.

One of the biggest blogging obstacles of a fresh and enthusiastic blogger is trying to do too much, too fast.

Setting up a blog network may seem like a good long term strategy (and it’s definitely worth investigating..) but if you’re new to all this, then avoid the overwhelm and keep you target focused.

Do your ‘keyword research’. The learn how to structure and write an engaging blog post that gives a lot of relevant value to your niche. Distribute it widely. Rinse and Repeat.

Your practice of these basic steps and skills is going to be your best strategic path forward in blogging. Master this craft and it could serve you well for many years to come.

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Overwhelm… There, I said it. Overwhelm.

The titan of blogging hurdles at the start of any blogger’s blogging journey is ‘wanting too much and getting nothing done.’

It’s not just common in blogging, but common in life. The more we pile on our plate, if we’re not managing our time and tasks well, then the bigger chance it is that we’ll procrastinate on the fear of the big mountain we’ve challenged ourselves to climb.

There’s nothing wrong with baby steps. Learn to walk before you run. Learn the skills of the trade, the best strategies and what pitfalls to avoid. Then practice sharing your voice, stay consistent and you’ll be flying in no time.

Trolls… But not the cute kind

If you look to any good blogger, in fact, any mentor worth a listen. They have a strong voice, they are sure of what they are saying and they usually promote very clear opinions on their topics to a passionate degree. This is both engaging to some and off putting to others. You just can’t please everyone in the world of the Web. Nor should you try to, you’ll miss your market and you’ll end up being wishy-washy. The outcome of a strong voice however, is that you’ll have some people who want to respond with negative comments, which can be disheartening and a real blogging obstacle for any new blogger.

If people take the time to spread negative energy and comment abusively on your blog. It doesn’t mean that you have to take time to receive that energy. A little magic button called ‘Delete’ is all it takes. Let it go and renew your confidence on the value you are sharing to your marketplace. Keeping up with a blog is not always easy and you should praise yourself for your efforts and not be dragged down by the poor choices of a few.

The Ultimate Cure For WRITER’S BLOCK

Ever sat down to a blank page or empty screen and not known what to write about? No inspiration, lack of emotion, void of ideas? This can be one of the most consistent blogging challenges and a blogger’s nightmare.

Being ‘in the flow’ is all very well and good when you are ‘in the flow’. But what about the times when you’re not? Well writer’s block is something that any diligent ‘keyword researching blogger’ rarely has to deal with. They just simply browse the list of hundreds of well researched phrases specific to their niche and business and hey presto! A spark of imagination and spontaneous penmanship always graces the page.

Being prepared and doing your research for the topics that you ‘should’ be writing about with regard to your niche, is a secret weapon of any successful blogger.

Show Me The MONEY!

It’s a common desire for any blogger, new and old. That we would like to see some monetary reward for our blogging efforts.

As we’ve mentioned before, blogs are generally not get ‘get rich quick’ methods of marketing, unless your are using paid marketing to send traffic to your blog posts and panicking to see short term results is a huge blogging hurdle of many an avid blogger.

However… here are a few tips to make sure that your blog is doing all the right things to build you a stable and sustainable income stream over time.




This may seem like an obvious one, but you’d be surprised how many bloggers forget or don’t do a good job of this and it can prove to be one of the biggest blogging obstacles to turning visitors into subscribers and subscribers into buyers.

A ‘Call-to-Action’ is exactly what it describes itself to be. Your reader or viewer doesn’t know what you want them to do next. So you have to make it clear what next step they should take and congruent with your message.

Frequent but not spamy is the key.

Your Blog is a Billboard

A successful and popular blog can pull in a liveable income stream from the offers it display’s around it’s blog. Avoid the blogging hurdles of a website monetary drought by implementing some or all of these options: Adspace, Banners, Affiliate Links, Calls-to Action & Links to Lead Capture Pages. 

There are almost limitless opportunities to promote things to your readership. But keeping your offers relevant to your niche and individual blog posts will be the most sure way that they these offers are solving some problems for the people reading your blog.


Videos are a Writer's Best Friend...

Any modern day blogger who faces blogging challenges knows, that blogs are not limited to words alone. That’s why sprinkling your blog with ample amounts of quality video content is a sure way to feed the masses what they love.

It may seem a little overwhelming at first, but look to build your skills in sharing your message on camera as well. The rewards will come back to you tenfold.

Rush = Ruin


Bottom line… If writing or creating content is not something you enjoy. Then maybe blogging is not for you.

If the goal is simply to make some more money, then the heart and soul of you blog just won’t be there and your readership and potential customers just won’t be feeling it.

Generally, blogging is about playing the long game and one of the biggest blogging hurdles is in forgetting that bigger picture. That once everything is set up and running consistently, then blogging can be one of the most fruitful, low cost and effective marketing strategies out there.

Have patience and stay in the game. If you keep consistent and follow the advice and training of an expert blogger, then you’ll avoid most of the blogging obstacles and you won’t go far wrong.

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