Hurdles uncovered in blogging

Hurdles uncovered in blogging #1 – What is my niche?

If you’re starting a blog for your business which is already established, you will already have ideas on what topics you want to bring into your blog. The hurdles uncovered in blogging for me was when I started a business from scratch, I first had to look at what type of business I was going into, and if that was aligned to me. You have to get over the hurdles about questions like, “Am I starting a business or blogging because I want to make money or am I starting a blog and a business I am passionate about?” How do you know what you’re good at or what you’re passionate about? I would start with what have you been thinking about doing for years and still think about? Maybe you have a regret about the choice of business you’re doing right now to what you should have done. The hurdles uncovered in blogging for me was that I had to do some digging, and once that was done, I had to place/position myself in the market.

Hurdles uncovered in blogging #2 – How do I position myself in the market or what do I need to do?

Once you have uncovered the hurdle about your niche, you can position yourself in the market in many paid and unpaid forms. If you go to this link you will see why blogging is so effective. Time seems to be a common hurdle uncovered in blogging for many people. Blogging like the article on the link above is like building a house, each blog post is a fundamental brick in the wall, and each post makes your blog work together as a whole. Patience is vital as there is no exact time as to when you can decide to see your blog working for you and all you have to do is deliver value as often as you can.

Hurdles uncovered in blogging

Hurdles uncovered in blogging #3 – Technology

Perhaps you have been thinking about creating a blog, but it’s the technical aspects to getting started, which is huge hurdle uncovered in blogging for those who are not used to typing or using a computer. Starting a blog isn’t technical if you’ve got someone building your website for you. By following simple instructions (a few clicks), you can post your article once your website is up. There are a lot of free platforms where you can blog for example WordPress, Weebly, Wix, Tumblr and a few more out there and there are many places to find a freelancer that doesn’t charge a lot to build your website. All you would need to pay for is hosting, the building of your website and getting a domain. If you have time, you can also learn on your own how to build your site. No harm in gaining additional skills, I guess. Start slow and don’t expect to get it right all at once. As long as you keep learning, you will get further and better at being a blogger. There’s always something new to learn.

Hurdles uncovered in blogging #4 – Time

If you have all the time in the world, then blogging will be a full-time job, but when you’re starting, there’s so much to learn. You might have a full-time job and become a blogger on a part-time basis. It’s essential to manage your time, especially when you have scheduled certain days in the week for publishing a post. Time is a hurdle uncovered in blogging because people have families, full-time jobs, part-time jobs (the blogging), have to interlink all their blogs to social media platforms (Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.) duties at home, even commenting on other people’s blogs. Learn and manage your time well because there will be more work as your blog grows.

Hurdles uncovered in blogging #6 – Fear

Once you have decided to start blogging, you might already have killed specific fears as you’re always out there working, building relationships, communicating on an ongoing basis through email, phone and meetings and by creating a blog, it adds another wheel to the dynamics. There is little that you can’t handle because you’re always out there. If you are beginning your business and a blog, then you will have the fear around what people are going to think or that what you write might come back to haunt you. The truth is that all bloggers begin here and if you’ve never blogged, it’s only until you start that you’ll find your blogging voice. If you really out there to help, solve and provide value this hurdle uncovered in blogging will no longer be a fear.

Hurdles uncovered in blogging

Hurdles uncovered in blogging #6 – Facing positive and negative criticism

Part of writing a blog is putting yourself and your truth out there. Not everyone will like it while there will be people who resonate with you. Handling negative criticism is a hurdle for a lot of people out there running a blog and in life in general. This is also a positive thing because, with time, you build relationships around your business, and some of these relationships even come through blogging. Having a bit of thick skin is beneficial; like with anything in life you will find the lovers and the haters. The good thing about this is that those who stand with you are your tribe and the people who contact you through your blog to collaborate with you will have your back and might even become good friends with you.

Hurdles uncovered in blogging #7 – What do I write about?

When uncovering this hurdle in blogging, I found that writers and bloggers face blocks sometimes. I’ve been there. You have written about so many topics that you’ll be stuck one day all of a sudden. Writers often face the creative block; like nothing is coming to them. This is just a temporary hurdle. The critical question to ask is, are you overworked, and that’s why you have the writer’s block? Taking some time to soak yourself in the tub can do wonders. Maybe that’s all you need.

Hurdles uncovered in blogging # 8 – I need to be a good writer to be a good blogger

This is a myth. Check out this article which will help you since you’re on this article about hurdles As long as you can keep people engaged, that will make you a good blogger. You can use the combination of videos, podcasts, article writing and more as alternative ways to make your blog or blog post interesting. A blogger has to start somewhere, and by scheduling posts, over time, your writing will improve. You don’t have to have the best-written blog to have a blogging voice.

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