How do I become an intentional blogger?

#1 How do I become an intentional blogger? Keyword targeting

You’re writing your article, and now you’re faced with several questions;

  • What keywords do I use, or should I use to be intentional with my blogging?
  • How do I do my keywords research?
  • Which ones do I pick from the list that I’ve compiled?

The truth is that a great deal of thought goes into using the right keywords.

You have to go through a process to find the right keywords. Some people use Google Adwords but use multiple sources of keyword suggestions.

Use keywords that relate to your content. So maybe you’re selling a product on your website where you run your blog, and you link people to that page from your blog. How to become an intentional blogger is if you’re looking to rev up your conversions then you’d want to find keywords around your product. Say you’re selling tea then you’d look at keywords around “buy tea online,” “tea accessories,” “buy infusion teas,” “type of tea flavours,” “best tea brewers,” “one-touch tea maker,” or “world tea awards.”

Learning about SEO and the process will help you get intentional at blogging. SEO teaches you about the keywords and getting very data-driven.

SEMrush is a popular tool for keyword suggestions. Make a keywords list on a spreadsheet.

Intentional bloggers use the keywords they’ve researched in their titles, meta descriptions, headline, content and images.

How do I become an intentional blogger

#2 How do I become an intentional blogger? Don’t just aim for the finish line

Life happens and whether you think you’ve written an excellent article or not quickly just because something came up and you have it down in your calendar to publish a post. Have a strategic plan and something in the pipeline ahead of the day you have to publish a post.

Once you have this plan set out where you have posts in the pipeline that you can use and be able to balance your life all you need to do is keep producing posts without pressure on the days you have scheduled to write them. Say if you’re publishing a post three times a week you could have six posts ready and as you publish three in a week you’re also writing three new posts  a week keeping your pipeline consistent, knowing that you have some good quality posts where you’ve been intentional, and one hundred percent focused when writing them out.

How do I become an intentional blogger?

#3 How do I become an intentional blogger? Research

Research your competitors in your niche, research the keywords you’re planning to use. Think, research and find a way to be different from your competitors so that people will want to choose you over them.

Read your competitors’ blogs and see what angle they’re coming from. See if you can angle your blog content from a unique perspective is a sure way on how to become an intentional blogger. Maybe you can present the material in a different way than your competitors. By looking at your competitors’ blogs, you can see what they are targeting and what they all have been leaving out. Read the comments coming from their readers to see if you can benefit from taking the road less travelled, especially when there are many questions around that.

Use graphs or drawings to present the facts. Use images and videos to create a reality. Use all the data available in unique ways to present your posts or the facts.

How do I become an intentional blogger?

#4 How do I become an intentional blogger? How to find my target market

Look at your current customer base. You can cut it down to the following:

  • Location
  • Income
  • Gender
  • Occupation
  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • Marital status

Then rank the clients who never purchased but put their details down, the clients who purchased, the feedback, and if the feedback was age, gender, ethnicity based. See the income of those who purchased the most.

This analysis will put you in line to whom you are targeting, and keeps you on a direction where you can then gain more insights to be able to break things further down until you reach your core market. You might even decide to create another product or service through this discovery that your core market needed which you don’t provide. This is the best place to begin on how to become an intentional blogger before writing your blogs and doing a keywords research.

How do I become an intentional blogger

#5 How do I become an intentional blogger? Be prepared to take new avenues and expand

Keep your finger on the pulse with the analysis around your target market mentioned above. This information will help you see the trends and dips in the market. It will give you information or how you’re spending your marketing budget and guide you to spending it in areas where you might not have thought about especially when there has been a dip in sales, and the marketing trend seems to be changing. This will drive you to find a better solution as you charter your business through the years. Monitor the types of offers that come to you as it’s a guide to a unique way of doing something. It’s a habit for businesses to follow the giant like sheep and then when there is a crisis, the new and innovative idea that someone proposed to your team a few years ago starts to work which might already be too late for your business to start using. Make sure you see that, take the risk and turn. Your data will guide you to be intentional. The bigger a business gets, it ignores the small details. Make it part of your job description to look at all specifics, details every term over the years, and if you are the director, these numbers might even end up saving your business. If you’re providing value and have become an intentional blogger by using your data as a guide the followers/readership will be reading, trust me, and if your ship is about to take a left turn, the giants will be asking why especially if you’ve become the authority in the market. That intentional turn that you made, you’ve made it for your company’s and consumers benefit and that data guiding you, while you guide your followers through your blogs it will keep your companies integrity very high.

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