First-time writer and blogging hurdles

If you’ve chosen blogging and you’ve never written before there will be a lot of questions and a few hurdles that you might even end up talking yourself out of blogging and procrastinate on getting started.

Questions like:

  1. What topics can I write about?
  2. What is my niche?
  3. How much time do I schedule and how much time will it take to write my blog post?
  4. How many posts should I post in a week?
  5. How long should my posts be?
  6. Do I need to be a writer to be able to write blogs?
  7. How will I come across?
  8. How will I sound?
  9. What if I don’t get any feedback?

Being a first-time writer, you will find yourself staring at a blank page at first wondering where to start if writing isn’t your strength. Writing won’t only be the difficulty, but mindset is a big issue too. Fear plays a big role when you’ve never put yourself out there that it will affect how you write your first post.

First-time writers will have the potential blogging hurdles about how they might come across or sound on their posts and what people are going to think. The truth is people are always going to think something. All first-time writers have this fear, and to move forward, you have to face it straight on and breakthrough that fear.

First-time writer and blogging hurdles

Imagine how much criticism/feedback successful writers have taken to become successful? Success isn’t just built with any kind bricks the most successful people become the bricks that success is made of; a quote by T. Dench Patel.

This means that as your business grows, you grow with it. For a business to get from A to B, there is always a new transition and the transition can either be seen as a challenge or your mindset could change to, whatever comes up you’re ready to face the challenge and find the solution. First-time writers and all these potential blogging hurdles are the challenges that you and every blogger at some point in life have faced to get to the next level.

It might seem too much; the technical knowledge, getting your website up, how to work the blog, how to optimise it and before you can start blogging the fear around the technical aspects begin to paralyse you. The minute one thing goes right, another thing goes wrong. This can easily put someone off. Mindset and being persistent towards your goals as a writer/blogger will help you, and as you face the challenges you become stronger, motivated, even have more topics to write about, learn to become firm, build amazing relationships and benefit through so many ways by blogging. 

First-time writer and blogging hurdles

As a first-time writer, having the reason why you’ve taken the journey of blogging sitting at the back of your mind will help you to keep at it, and the first-time writer who has good reasons, want to use their creative spark will become motivated and find a voice unique to them over time. The longer you’re at, it the better you get. A blogging hurdle for the first-time writer will be motivation, and after doing several blog posts, you will come to realise two things, and that is either you really enjoy blogging, or it’s not your thing.

As a first-time writer, a lot of patience is required, and once you pass the learning at the beginning stages, you’ll always have something new to learn the more you learn and seek different ways to do things.

The thing is that when a first-time writer decides to blog, they will already have thought a lot about the writing aspect and the potential first-time hurdle doesn’t show up here but later on in the form of “the writer’s block.”

First-time writer and blogging hurdles

When the first-time writer finds themselves in a middle of a tech issue and spends a lot of time resolving it, it’s going to be challenging, and blogging is like a job where you need to train at the beginning to get better and efficient. This will tell you how hungry you are about becoming a writer because if you don’t enjoy blogging, then you have an answer to how long you will last as a writer.

When you’re writing your first few posts, it will never be perfect, and you’ll likely be filled with self-doubt. Just continue even though you are not where you want to be, and by doing this consistently, you will get faster and learn a lot.

Mindset is another aspect altogether. Take a look at this link it will help you to understand what other issues regarding mindset you will need to face before getting onto the road of success with your blogging.

Part of anything you do in your life comes with the naysayers. You must be absolutely clear on your why from the beginning. When you’re going to begin blogging you don’t need more things to challenge you so the more you get rid of the negative challenges to take on board the positive challenges, you’re starting off pretty good.

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As a first-timer writer research before you begin blogging, to see what other hurdles you could face and prepare yourself with enough information to get started. Manage the fear as it comes along with the next level. Thinking about what could happen is merely an assumption and not necessarily the case. There are thousands of things that can happen to anyone, and no one knows what from those thousand things can actually happen. The funny thing is that what you think might happen and what ends up happening wouldn’t even be what you thought about. Deal with the challenges straight on when you meet them otherwise fear will paralyse you.

First-time writer and blogging hurdles

As a first-time writer face the fear, have the courage, and whether you’re a first-time writer or first-time blogger, your challenge is the same. First-time vlogger the learnings and challenges are the same. Doing anything first time that is out of your comfort zone is scary. So, whether you’re first time writer with tons of blogging hurdles, you’re doing something to move forward rather than staying stagnant. Doing nothing or staying where you are is not going to get you anywhere.

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