Fear of failing in blogging

Everyone has a fear of failing, but the truth is that failing takes you forward. A person that hasn’t made any mistakes in their life hasn’t lived at all, and this statement is very much related to blogging as well. As a business owner, you must be aware, but when things happen in your business, you can either look at it as you will move forward from it or you can remain stuck in the fear. In most cases, a solution is needed, so you have no option but to move forward.

Some of the fears of failing discussed in this article will even help you in your personal life in general.

Fear of failing in blogging

Fear of failing in blogging – Number 1 – Worrying

How many times have you been worried about things that didn’t even happen as yet? Blogging is now one of them is that not true?

Come on, get over it! You can’t be paralysed by worrying that you let it dominate your dreams. Get out of your own way and start taking your dreams out of the shelf because it’s been sitting there for god knows how long collecting dust.

Who doesn’t fail in life? If you’re putting yourself out there, yes, you’re exposing yourself. How Is it possibly serving you by hiding all your floors and talents behind closed doors? How are you ever going to get any better at business if you don’t put your services, passion, talents out there and live your true purpose?

Envision yourself achieving what you want to achieve out of blogging and take the mistakes as each brick making your business stronger. Take the mistake and look at it from all angles to learn and take your business forward. There are ups and downs in every successful person’s life, but it’s the ones who have courage, face their fears that keep moving forward. Make worry a thing of the past now and take the step. With each step, things will unfold. You must trust yourself first.

Fear of failing in blogging

Fear of failing in blogging – Number 2 – Making a fool of yourself

Okay, think about every blogger who started from nothing and is somewhere today. They had to pass through several hurdles that you see in this article and on this website. You’re currently seeing the end result of where they are, and you too want to be there. Just imagine the work they’ve done and the internal and external challenges they’ve had to process and pass to get to the next stage of their learnings, success and whatever obstacle they’re facing personally and professionally.

Everyone has the feeling of “Why should people listen to me?” Are you listening to yourself? No one has lived your life, your experiences the way you have from your perspective. That is why your perspective is so unique, and for that very reason, you have so much to teach and so much to give if you only come from your individual purpose.

You can only be of service if you permit yourself. Permit yourself to believe that you are the right person to do this job. A fool can only make a fool of himself/herself if they’re not wearing their integrity with authenticity. If you’re authentic and have no integrity, you have a lot of work to do, and you will have a lot of lessons to learn. Be kind to yourself, learn and process it so that you don’t have to come back to it again.

There are only learnings and when you come from the true reason why you won’t have this particular fear of failing in blogging because the reason why you’re doing something is stronger than the thought of making a fool of yourself.

Fear of failing in blogging

Fear of failing in blogging – Number 3 – Perfection

Don’t wait for there to be every single detail before you start blogging. If you’re going to put in place every single detail after researching what you need on your blog, then know there’s an expiry date for everything. A new system will come out, a new app will come out, a new platform will come up as we are living in a world where the old is always being replaced by something new and advanced. Once you get the basics up, just start blogging and then slowly tweak your website according to the way your website and blog is transforming. You never know how and what you’re creating is going to coexist, and the ecosystem can end up being more massive than you thought. Take the transition along with your business.

Fear of failing in blogging

Fear of failing in blogging – My voice and me

No one was born perfect not even Neil Patel, and I’m sure Neil Patel had these fears but kept on going. No one is just born with a blogging voice. You hone the skill and the more you write, the more you find your voice.

You’re not doing business because you want people to like you, you’re not blogging because you want people to like you. This fear of failing in blogging exists in the real world too; in the office, meeting rooms, phone, with clients etc.

There are so many places where fake people hang out, and if you’ve been in a job where someone employed you, then you’ll know what I am trying to say.

The fear of failing in blogging because you’re scared to speak your truth is the reason why you should blog. This is your platform, your space, your place to be you. Sure, you’ll need to learn what to say and how to say it but, that will grow as your business grows.

Being in line with your truths and writing from that place will come naturally if you’re coming from your reason why.

Have that in the forefront of all that you’re doing and watch how your writing voice and you are received in the blogging world.

Fear of failing in blogging

Fear of failing in blogging – Motivation

The fear of failing in blogging because of motivation boils down to one question. Did you choose blogging and all your reasons around this business or niche because it is aligned to your purpose, passion, mission and vision?

If so, then motivation should be right at the end of your list of your fear of failing in blogging. Choose right from the beginning for all the right reasons, and you will see how you will automatically be supported. This will bring you further motivation by the things you learn in just putting yourself out there through blogging.

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Mark Ford