Business blogging hurdles

Business blogging hurdles 1 – Keep producing quality content

It’s one thing to keep thinking about what to share, but it’s another thing to make sure that what you’re sharing is quality content staying in line with your company’s integrity. A business should prioritise producing content that helps their niche. Writing new and fresh content is a business blogging hurdle for many companies, but if you have a team behind you helping you with your content marketing strategy, you can have set content ready to go out at the times you have them scheduled. Having a team dedicated to marketing only, helps business owners focus on what they really have to do for their business.

Business blogging hurdles 2 – Keeping up with current trends

As a business, you will need to keep your foot on the pedal, read about the market in your niche and the direction it’s heading. Keeping your ears and eyes open about changes going on in the market so that you can stay creative using the current trends to take you through the times. Imagine being known for your trendy, funky content through your subject headings, style of writing and the images that you use. That could even be the very thing people will use as an expression on the streets. Something your company has invented. Keeping up to date with current trends will keep your audience engaged and will win them over your competitor if you’re consistent. This is a common business blogging hurdle for many businesses.

Business blogging hurdles

Business blogging hurdles 3 – Insufficient budget

Perhaps right now you don’t have an in-house marketing team, and if you do, you don’t have budgets set aside for a lot of marketing activity. You can find a freelancer to produce content. To be able to blog, you need to have some money aside to set up your blog but find a freelancer that is on board with how you want to come across.

Business blogging hurdles 4 – Expectations

Don’t expect results straight away or expect to have results in a couple of months. With blogging, there is no time telling when you’re going to start making money which in reality is not only a business blogging hurdle but a hurdle for all bloggers. The more blog posts you have, the better. It’s the whole blog and all its post that works together. Take a look at this article and this article You’d want to build the right audience, relationships, integrity along with your brand, hence why paying attention to what you write, deliver quality that actually helps people will start making you money. Do the work properly from the beginning so you can reap a healthy business and rewards later. You might think that a volume of blog posts will get you ahead quicker but there is a faster chance of burnout. The quality of your content might not be great. If you’ve scheduled to post your articles three times a week and have given the titles and content a good thought, your audience will wait to see what you have to say on the next post and will look forward to reading it as opposed to a volume of posts. It’s quality vs quantity that will keep your business on top.

Business blogging hurdles 5 – Focus

Keep your posts focused around your niche and the service you’re providing. Serving a broader net will be difficult at first, start small in your area that you focus on in business and as your blog grows your business grows enabling you to cast a wider net where you can expand your audience.

Business blogging hurdles

Business blogging hurdles 6 – Burnout

To avoid burnout, keep enough spaces in between publishing posts. This way, you have time to write down a list of topics that are coming up. Prepare your posts in advance so that you don’t feel pressured. Have a week’s work scheduled gives you time to think about topics you otherwise never thought about when you’re under pressure. Make sure that you’re not taking on too much and pass over the topics and brainstorming around the ideas of your blog posts to your team a week before the next week’s fresh content is due to go out. That way, you stick to your schedule and have time for anything unexpected that could come up with running a business.

Business blogging hurdles 7 – Use all your data and resources

Businesses don’t know how much they can share with their audience that they have in-house if they really look at their history, the data and how they’ve got so far. There is a pool of information they have even in their inbox. The number of customers that have given reviews on the services or even the products they’ve purchased, the questions that customer service is receiving and that they’re logging down all tell a company what people are looking for if they really look at the data they’re getting from all the departments. In there are a lot of titles and content that can form an excellent blog with solutions for their customers and potential customers who are still going to find them. Leverage all your data.

Business blogging hurdles

Business blogging hurdles 8 – Change

People fear change, and as a business change, people make it difficult to take on change. This is not only a business blogging hurdle but it’s true to any major change happening in the work environment. Change has to even come to the marketing department and changing the way a blog has been going to implement a new idea, feature, podcasts or videos is something that every blogger should look into. Be in there with your audience; get your hands dirty. This differentiates your company from a whole lot of competitors and most of all it proves that you really care about the company, the service, the product, what’s on offer and if there is a problem you are looking for the solution right now; on a live video for example.

Business blogging hurdles 9 – Will people share your posts and share your vision

This depends on the attitude your marketing department have and especially the attitude around blogging. Motivation at first, as at first, there won’t be any or minimal results. The vision, motivation, determination goes along with how the employees in the company feel, and if they share the same vision and enthusiasm. This will transmit through the blogs, and the voice of the person blogging has to resonate with the company.

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