Blogging Block Blues

Today we’re going to talk about the blogging block that every writer or blogger has, how to overcome it and where you can look within your business for topics to write about. You’ve now got your website set up, your blog’s set up, or maybe you’ve always had a business but never a blog until now.

You have written some articles and are finding it hard to think about what you can write about. Let’s take a look at how much you really have that you can write about if you look at things from a different angle so that you can overcome the blogging block blues.

If you look at your business whether it’s small or big, divide it into departments, take a look at your data and history you will find that you can use your blog and write your posts giving you the ability to use your posts to the benefit of your company. What a great PR plan you can have if you look at it that way.

Blogging block blues

You haven’t come thus far in your life and in your journey to your start-up company or this business which you’ve been running for several years. I bet you’ve got so many success stories under your sleeve which you’ve forgotten about and if you take time to reflect, some amazing anecdotes will come out. Why not make those into a blog post and defeat that blogging block blues? Everyone’s journey is unique; why not share that and inspire your readers?

What’s up with your company right now? Why not put that into blog posts giving your readers news about the latest developments. It’s through you that your brand comes across. Get your readers involved in your latest cause which you’re working on. Let them take a look into what you are all about through the activities, events, work, building projects, staff recognitions and daily work environment through videos, articles, images and even invite them to charitable causes where they can meet the representatives and maybe even yourself directly.

Blogging block blues

Having a blog gives you all sorts of opportunities like humanising your brand, getting in there with your readers, customers or potential customers. You don’t have to talk about making money and doing business the whole time. If you’re tracking where your readers are coming from, articles most read, the comments people are leaving and the companies approaching you on joint projects you will be able to see where the market is going if you’ve got your finger on the pulse. There are so many learnings that can be written about, success stories, and how the failures got you personally or your company moving forward, which helps you through this blogging block blues. The comments hold so many keys to the topics that one can write about.

When you write your articles or have a blogging block think about your blog as a place where you can build your company’s presence. The posts you write allows readers, potential customers and customers to see your company from a positive light. By giving truly valuable content from a genuine place of concern will not only bring you more customers but more respect.

Followers who not only buy your product but like it as well also comes in the form of students who have had eyes on your company for work. If you’re offering some kind of educational programme where students can study, get work experience, and a qualification at the same time then what you put out there will come back to you. If people are researching your company they’ll go to your website, look at the reviews about working for you, the reviews under your company’s products, but by reading your articles and the comments they will get more of a feel for your brand and what your company stands for, hence why your blog is such a powerful tool. The good, bad and the ugly will prove that you are a company that goes forward taking on changes positively and is also a company that have failures which you’ve learnt. That whole combination demonstrates how come your company has made it thus far.  

You can write posts on how and where your company changed gears the technology used and even what didn’t work out. Your blog is your space, your platform where you can have your own freedom of speech and influence others.

Blogging block blues

Here are some ways you can overcome the bloggers block blues

  1. Finding yourself getting the bloggers block blues, why not try listening to inspiring music, or music that enhances your concentration.
  2. Find companies who are providing the same type of service or a similar service to you and see what topics they’re talking about. That should most definitely get the creative juices going and give you many ideas which you’ve never thought of before.
  3. Maybe you just need some inspiration. Why not go to YouTube, for example, and look at some motivational and inspirational videos.
  4. Sometimes you just need to take a walk to pass that bloggers block blues and come back refreshed onto your blank page.
  5. You will find that when you’re walking on the street, buying a cup of coffee, sitting with your friends having lunch at a restaurant or at some spontaneous moment or event a thought hits you. Do not ignore that thought, especially when you say, “I should make that into a blog post.” Take out your phone write the thought down. The more you do this, the more you’re creating a list of topics that you can pick and choose to write from. To give you ideas on posts that you can write see what people are writing and talking about on LinkedIn, see what’s breaking news, what’s happening on social media. You might find that reading one line, listening to one sentence can end up making you think of an excellent blog post. The more you attack the current topics, the more you’re getting a forward-thinking cap which will allow you write more advanced topics as you move into the future, but not only that you’ve achieved a considerable amount of knowledge with it.

Take a look at this video. I found it pretty useful during the blogging block blues.

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Mark Ford