Today we’ll go into why people never get round to blogging because of procrastination. Let’s overcome this together.

Often wannabe bloggers think about blogging, and instead of taking action they think of all the things that might go wrong and the thing they have to get perfect at before they can even begin their blogging journey. If I can tell you one thing since we are on this topic, then that is “It will never be perfect.” This whole journey, including your own life in general, so you might as well start with the thought that your blogging masterpiece will never be perfect and that’s why it’s so perfect. That could be the actual reason why people visit your blog, just saying, you never know.

Trying to get things perfect takes a lot of time, you can only do what you can at the beginning of your blogging journey and then take care of the bits and pieces you’re looking to make more interesting with time. Think of building this blog that you keep thinking about like a house. You got your house built, it’s not perfect, but the foundation has been built your way, the materials you used were and are strong. You’ve painted it as well, but you’d like put built-in underfloor heating, a filtering water system and paving outside in certain areas, etc. You can’t do it all at once so you do enough to keep you motivated and take action on what will bring you results while you work on the touch-up and the rest.

Blogging and Procrastination

Don’t keep comparing your blog with someone else’s as you will get too caught up in the perfectionism, and besides, you’re making a blog around you; the brand.

Stop putting off things for tomorrow. Now talking about building a house, you’re going to have to work daily. Who’s going to call the bricklayer company, the company handling the wiring, the companies handling different aspects of your home?

There are perhaps two things that will put you off from starting a blog, and that is that you have to build the whole website yourself if you’re a complete beginner or if you can’t deal with the technical aspects outsource the work so you can focus on what you like and are good at.

Why don’t you make a rule for yourself? Check out Mel Robbins five-second rule video here. Hope this is going to help you get clear on the pattern around procrastination.

There are always going to be tasks that you are not going to like, but you’re just going to have to do it to get to your next step. Once you deal with this, it gets easier and the more you do it, it becomes a habit.

Write down on paper what you need to do to move forward from procrastinating. Write all the small tasks that you need for your blog to work collectively. The more you tick off the list, the more you’ll need a new list.

Blogging and Procrastination


With procrastinating and perfectionism, fear seems to be present. Fear of how your articles might sound, the topics you write about you will doubt, fear of putting yourself out there, fear of failure, what if I can’t get my articles out on time? Will anyone read it? These are just a few fear factors that stop one from getting the work done.

Another reason why a person procrastinates is because of the fear of taking on more responsibility.

The fear that once you put yourself out there, you are responsible for the reputation of your business, you, the work you put in and more work coming to you. You can look at this as work, or you can look at it as the opportunity to be the most powerful YOU there can be through this work; quote by T. Dench Patel

Take a look at this article which looks into the fears that potential bloggers face

What is the worst that can happen? You tried, and you fail forward. That is more knowledge than you had before you try again. Now you’ll know the pitfalls.

Blogging and Procrastination

Do you really want to blog, or are you telling yourself you think you want to blog?

Make a list of reasons why you keep telling yourself you need to start blogging. Identify if you really think you want to do this if it will impact your business and get clear if this is not your thing. If you feel you want to blog, then there’s a difference between thinking and knowing if this is really what you want to do.

The question is, are you generally this way with everything you do or only with certain things you’re procrastinating. Take a look at your habits if that is the case.

If you’re procrastinating there’s something that you’re not clear about and if it’s more of a daunting task to you with more problems then you better not have a blog, maybe a vlog best suits your way of communicating.

Break it down if it seems like a big task                     

Does the task seem too much, why not schedule thirty minutes to an hour a few times a week if you can’t manage it every day? Looking at other people’s progress might be the reason why you’re not feeling up to it. Each time you see someone doing better than you or is going at a faster speed, it demotivates you.

Focus on what you need to do, and your reasons, the other person’s journey and destination is different from yours.  

If you’re procrastinating the question you should be asking yourself is why would you work so hard for a boss? You will get everything in on his or her deadline yet when it comes to your own business you won’t take the time, effort and hours so that you can be your own boss, work from anywhere in the world and get the life you really deserve where you live mostly by your own terms?

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Mark Ford