For over 9 years, I’ve studied, practiced and taught the art of blogging and marketing. It’s something I love to share.


Blogging has helped me to build multiple six figure businesses.


The strategies I teach are used by thousands of successful bloggers every day all over the world.


Blog Mastery is a true passion of mine.


Mark Ford – Blogging Expert

 Something about Mark...

Something about Mark...


Mentor Mark Ford is a writer, author, strategy advisor and currently a top level mentor in one of the most forward thinking digital business academies in the world, Digital Experts Academy. He is also a multiple businesses owner and founder of multiple brands including YourBlogContent.Com, a training academy for those who want to build mastery in the field of Online Blogging and Blog Marketing.


In 2015, Mark was appointed as a top level mentor in the Digital Experts Academy and highlighted as one of the most influential coaches on Blogging and Blog Marketing for thousands of students and members.

Mark serves as a lead thinker in the field of Blogging with almost a decade of experience and was awarded the founding partnership badge for a company that has gone on to lead the digital marketing industry with the value it offers to new entrepreneurs as well as online and home business owners.

He has published several books, he runs multiple Blogging and Blog Marketing courses that he designed, having personally helped hundreds of home business owners to use free marketing strategies like blogging, to move their businesses forward.

Mark is a trusted strategy advisor of the Six Figure Mentors, Digital Experts Academy and founder of Nice Money Publications, YourBlogContent.Com, BlogBenefits.Com and over 12 other blogging brands.

An Englishman from Bournville, home of the world renowned chocolate brand, Mark has received his bachelors in Law and has successfully co-run his property business PooleFord Property Services & Investments for over 11 years. He has a background in music, Djing at over a thousand parties, including Ozzy Osbourne’s 50th. His love of cricket, travel and ability to manage his online businesses and training programs from global locations, allows Mark to visit many parts of the world from his home-base in Cyprus where he owns multiple properties.

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Blogging Block Blues

Blogging Block Blues Today we’re going to talk about the blogging block that every writer or blogger has, how to overcome it and where you can look within your business for topics to write about. You’ve now got your website set up, your blog’s set up, or maybe you’ve...

Find blogging time

Find blogging time Hello, Mark Ford here. Today I found myself saying, “I am so busy, I don’t have time to blog”. Then I thought, “Hey, I should write a topic on find blogging time,” and besides it has helped me get organised so that I could make space to write more...

Blogging and Procrastination

Today we’ll go into why people never get round to blogging because of procrastination. Let’s overcome this together. Often wannabe bloggers think about blogging, and instead of taking action they think of all the things that might go wrong and the thing they have to...

Fear of failing in blogging

Fear of failing in blogging Everyone has a fear of failing, but the truth is that failing takes you forward. A person that hasn’t made any mistakes in their life hasn’t lived at all, and this statement is very much related to blogging as well. As a business owner, you...

First-time writer and blogging hurdles

First-time writer and blogging hurdles If you’ve chosen blogging and you’ve never written before there will be a lot of questions and a few hurdles that you might even end up talking yourself out of blogging and procrastinate on getting started. Questions like: What...

Blogging laws

Blogging laws If you’re planning to start a blog or are in the initial stages, there are a few things you need to look into on the legal side. A lot of this you can do yourself, but if you are tight for time some lawyers provide a template for this, or you can also...

How do I become an intentional blogger?

How do I become an intentional blogger? #1 How do I become an intentional blogger? Keyword targeting You’re writing your article, and now you’re faced with several questions; What keywords do I use, or should I use to be intentional with my blogging?How do I do my...

Business blogging hurdles

Business blogging hurdles Business blogging hurdles 1 – Keep producing quality content It’s one thing to keep thinking about what to share, but it’s another thing to make sure that what you’re sharing is quality content staying in line with your company’s integrity. A...

Hurdles uncovered in blogging

Hurdles uncovered in blogging Hurdles uncovered in blogging #1 – What is my niche? If you’re starting a blog for your business which is already established, you will already have ideas on what topics you want to bring into your blog. The hurdles uncovered in blogging...

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“I would just like to thank Mark Ford for the two days training that I spent with him one on one. It was very intensive and very productive. Mark Ford has made things a lot clearer for me in the setting up of my home business.
I thoroughly recommend Mark Ford’s training. Thank you Mark for all your ongoing help and support. It is much appreciated.”

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